Finding an Apartment and Dealing with Dollars and Sense

Most of us have had to look for an apartment at one time or another. It’s a challenge for some and an opportunity for others. It al depends on what perspective one takes – the glass half full/empty kind of deal. Regardless of what your reasons are for looking for a place to live, here are apartmenta few helpful hints to make sure you get what you need as well as a better chance to locate what you want.

Before you start your search list everything you have always wanted in a place to live. Just let your pen run and don’t worry about censoring anything. Once you have got everything down go back over it and put an “N” next to all your needs and “E” next to what you consider to be extras. Needs are things you must have and extras are all the things that are nice to have. Rewrite your list and group the two categories together. Now it’s time to search the net.

Use the web to do comparisons before you start calling. Use sites like:, to shop what’s out there then make a short list based on what you really need first then continue to narrow down by what you want. Use your questions to help you narrow the search. Once you have your “short list” review each listing and add additional questions you will have that were not answered by the rental add. When this is complete make your calls, if you don’t get in touch then send emails. Use a template to further reduce the time it takes to get those emails out.

Book your appointments to view in a clustering manor. Have all your appointments for apartments in close proximity of each other so you can go from one to the next. It’s all about seeing as many apartments as you can in a single day. Driving from one end of the city to the other will waste too much time.

There are some many places to find listings for apartments. Use the internet to its fullest and search a number of places to compile your list. This should really help save you a lot of time. By using these tips you should be able to not only increase your chances of finding the place you need, you may even get lucky and find a place you really love. Good luck in your search.